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TRADES: Tentatively Open

Cons you can find me at:
KuroNekoCon Artist Alley 2014 (Spokane, WA)
Chibi Chibi Con Artist Alley 2015 (Olympia, WA)
Newcon PDX Artist Alley January 2-4 2015 (Portland, OR)

Commission Prices:

Minipillows/Pokepillows start at $20, but can go up or down by $5 depending on complexity. They will be made from fleece. They will generally have the character face on the front and then a solid color on the back unless something like a tail/wings/etc is requested. The size tends to vary depending on the orientation of the pattern or the character chosen. Usually they are about 8-10inches tall.

Pokedolls/Pokedoll sized plush vary (about 6in or so) Are made with fleece If it's really simple and/or basically just a ball shape, it will be about $35. Anything else should be about $45-50. These tend to range more in size. I try to keep them Pokedoll style/size but often if it's not a ball they end up being a little bigger than the standard 6inch Pokedoll.

Tiny People Plush There's not too much variance here so I'd say a flat rate of $10. About 4-5 inches tall, fleece with details glued/painted on. Any clothes will have to be simplified waaay down and anything complex might not be doable in this tiny scale.

Larger People Plush About 10-12 inches tall, fleece with details glued/painted on, face would be painted. Clothing would be simplified but not as much as on the smaller size option. Prices will vary with complexity, base price is $35 and would only go up if the clothing was ridiculously complex.

Larger Plush These will be run on a case by case basis. You can expect $60-80+ depending on size/complexity/material/etc.

Plush I Can Make Duplicates of/In Custom Colors too:
Owl Minipillows- $20
Swablu- $25
Baby Krakens- $30
Waddles the Pig- $30
Bat Plush- $30
Deer Plush- $30
Teenage Krakens- $50
Smaller Baby Cybugs about 5in tall, 8.5in long- $40*
Life-Sized Baby Cybugs 8in tall, 15in long- $55*
*add $5 for Glow in the dark paint- NOTE: The paint does make it less soft, glowing ones are more for the novelty of it, shelf display, etc.
Giant 4.5 Foot Long Krakens- $200

I accept Paypal or trades only. No concealed cash. Prices don't include shipping as that will be calculated once I've finished. Trades can be for custom items or special cases where I make a plush in exchange for some sort of online purchase/other item I'm after. If we do a trade I need to receive order and/or shipping confirmation from your half** before I start the plush. If Paypal, I would prefer to get payment up front or half up front, half (plus shipping) after I've finished.
**unless I know you or we're doing a custom trade

If you're interested in a commission, comment here or send me a note and we can work out the details. :)

Regarding Homestuck plush: Unfortunately I'm going to have to say no commissions. When open, I will take trades. :)
However I can take commissions for fantroll grubs/lusus when I'm open, if anyone is interested.

Check back here for status updates!

5%= I have fabric colors/materials needed
10%= I have fabric and pattern
15%= Cut out and ready for sewing
Bold= Priority Projects
Italicized= Currently being worked on

Work List:

KuroNekoCon Artist Alley Table Stock- ongoing



United States
Current Residence: Seattle, WA

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Sovriin Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
Thank you very much for the watch! :iconnoodleslovesitplz:
jess06 Featured By Owner May 8, 2014
I know you, I see you on Tumblr as your OC. XD
Love your plushies btw, they are cute. X3
PapopaQ Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How do your art trades work if you do plushies? :baffled: 
AmberTDD Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014
The other person and I both agree on what we each want, work on our own time, and then once both plush are finished, we each mail them out.
PapopaQ Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool, ^^
Times like these that I wish I could make that sorta thing. :)
Do you do commissions then, and if so, how much?
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