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TRADES: Tentatively Open

Hey guys! I figured I might as well keep a list of conventions I attend on here. I don't sell my stuff at cons currently but decided to put this up just in case people want to meet up and say hi~ :)
Cons you can find me at:
Sakuracon 2014 (Seattle, WA) just wandering around, not selling
Chibi Chibi Con Artist Alley 2015 (Olympia, WA)
Newcon PDX Artist Alley January 2-4 2015 (Portland, OR)

Commission Prices:

Minipillows/Pokepillows start at $20, but can go up or down by $5 depending on complexity. They will be made from fleece. They will generally have the character face on the front and then a solid color on the back unless something like a tail/wings/etc is requested. The size tends to vary depending on the orientation of the pattern or the character chosen. Usually they are about 8-10inches tall.

Pokedolls/Pokedoll sized plush vary (about 6in or so) Are made with fleece If it's really simple and/or basically just a ball shape, it will be about $35. Anything else should be about $45-50. These tend to range more in size. I try to keep them Pokedoll style/size but often if it's not a ball they end up being a little bigger than the standard 6inch Pokedoll.

Tiny People Plush There's not too much variance here so I'd say a flat rate of $10. About 4-5 inches tall, fleece with details glued/painted on. Any clothes will have to be simplified waaay down and anything complex might not be doable in this tiny scale.

Larger People Plush About 10-12 inches tall, fleece with details glued/painted on, face would be painted. Clothing would be simplified but not as much as on the smaller size option. Prices will vary with complexity, base price is $35 and would only go up if the clothing was ridiculously complex.

Larger Plush These will be run on a case by case basis. You can expect $60-80+ depending on size/complexity/material/etc.

Plush I Can Make Duplicates of/In Custom Colors too:
Owl Minipillows- $20
Swablu- $25
Baby Krakens- $30
Waddles the Pig- $30
Bat Plush- $30
Deer Plush- $30
Teenage Krakens- $50
Smaller Baby Cybugs about 5in tall, 8.5in long- $40*
Life-Sized Baby Cybugs 8in tall, 15in long- $55*
*add $5 for Glow in the dark paint- NOTE: The paint does make it less soft, glowing ones are more for the novelty of it, shelf display, etc.
Giant 4.5 Foot Long Krakens- $200

I accept Paypal or trades only. No concealed cash. Prices don't include shipping as that will be calculated once I've finished. Trades can be for custom items or special cases where I make a plush in exchange for some sort of online purchase/other item I'm after. If we do a trade I need to receive order and/or shipping confirmation from your half** before I start the plush. If Paypal, I would prefer to get payment up front or half up front, half (plus shipping) after I've finished.
**unless I know you or we're doing a custom trade

If you're interested in a commission, comment here or send me a note and we can work out the details. :)

Regarding Homestuck plush: Unfortunately I'm going to have to say no commissions. When open, I will take trades. :)
However I can take commissions for fantroll grubs/lusus when I'm open, if anyone is interested.

Check back here for status updates!

5%= I have fabric colors/materials needed
10%= I have fabric and pattern
15%= Cut out and ready for sewing
Bold= Priority Projects
Italicized= Currently being worked on

Work List:

SNK Levi people plush commission- 10%
Skiddo Pokepillow commission- 0%
Crochet supplies organizer commission- 100%



United States
Current Residence: Seattle, WA

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